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    2250mm Steel Coil Mill Lines Brief Introduction

    Katalor 2250mm producing line Foreword

    The 2250mm hot continuous rolling production line is a hot-rolled strip production line with modern international advanced level designed by Siemag of Germany. It adopts the automatic control system of TMEIC of Japan. The rolling mill has large rolling capacity, advanced production technology, complete equipment configuration and control measures. The technical level of the main equipment has reached the Chinese domestic leading level.

    The 2250mm production line is a key construction project of Katalor to achieve industrial structural optimization upgrading. Since after putting into production, the quality of the products steadily improved.

    Our hot rolled workshop production scale is 4.5 million tons hot rolled coil per year,have 4.468 million tons of finished coils/plates. Among of them: hot-rolled commodity coils: 518,000 t/a, flat coiled coils: 800,000 t/a, cross-cut steel sheets: 450,000 t/a, and cold rolled coils:2.7 million t/a.

    The main steel grades produced by hot rolling mills including: carbon structural steel, high quality carbon structural steel, low alloy structural steel, structural steel for ship body, steel for boiler/pressure vessel, pipeline steel, high weathering structural steel, automotive steel. , IF steel, duplex (DP) and multiphase steel (MP), phase change induced plastic steel (TRIP).

    We have host a lot of international friends to visit our mill and both of them are listed on the image wall,we would be very honored that you can visit us at here.

    Herewith our producing line for your information:

    Product specifications we can do

    Main rolling line:

    Strip thickness 1.2~25.4mm (actual production 2.0-20 thick)
    Strip width 800~2130mm (1500-2050/4.0 thick)
    Steel coil inner diameter 762mm
    Steel coil outer diameter ≤ 2150mm
    Steel coil quality ≤40.0t
    Unit width roll weight ≤24kg/mm

    Product specifications we process

    Cross-cut line: Katalor have two side cut and four side cut and open coil lines (low-level steel coils can only be opened and leave factory, the specific information changes with time changes ,please subject to real-time information in the factory)

    Width: 850~2100mm
    Thickness: 5.0~25.4mm (4.0 thickness can not be stamped, can not 4side cut)
    Length: 2.0~16.0m
    Leveling and winding line:
    Strip thickness: 1.2~6.35mm
    Split strip thickness: 1.2~12.7mm
    Strip width: 800~2130mm

    Main equipment composition and process data sheet

    Sequence number 





    Walking beam furnace




    Rough rolling high pressure water descaling box




    Fixed width press machine


    Starting-stop type


    Four-roller reversible rough rolling machine


    With a vertical roll


    Outer heater machine




    Flying cut


    Cutting head and tail


    High pressure water descaling box before finishing rolling




    Finishing mill

    7 frame



    Laminar cooling device




    Coiling machine




    Coil transport system




    Cross cutting unit




    Uncoil machine



    Katalor 2250mm Main equipment composition and process parameters - heating furnace

    Type: advancing beam type.
    Heating furnace capacity: 375t / h • seat (according to standard billet)
    Heating furnace effective length: 55000 mm

    Katalor 2250mm Main equipment composition and process parameters - pre-scaling

    After the billet exits the heating furnace, it first enter into a pre-scaling device for removing the  oxide iron scale, preventing the rough-rolled iron oxide skin from being pressed in.

    Type: fixed height of upper and below header 
    Descaling device total length: ~5600mm
    Water spray pressure: 18~19Mpa (at the nozzle)

    Katalor 2250mm Main equipment composition and process parameters - fixed width press machine

    The fixed width press machine is located between the rough rolling descaling box and the R1 rolling mill. The maximum width is 350mm, which is used to control the width and width accuracy of the slab. Preform control can be carried out to obtain good width accuracy of the head and tail. Adopting the machine can increase the flexibility of choose slab and reduce the type of slab.

    The fixed width adjustment has the following advantages over the vertical roller:

    ※ Large capacity adjustment
    ※ Effectively improve the yield of hot-rolled strip mill
    ※ Improve the efficiency of width adjustment
    ※ Improve the width accuracy
    ※ It can save energy.

    Main equipment parameters:

    Type: Walking and stop slab side press machine
    Side pressure capacity: 0~350mm (side pressure depends on steel grade, slab width, temperature and length)
    Side pressure: max.22000 KN

    Katalor 2250mm Main equipment composition and process parameters - E1/E2

    The hot rolling mill has two roughing mills (R1/R2), each of which has a vertical rolling mill before the rough rolling, all of which are equipped with a hydraulic AWC device and a short stroke control (SSC) function.

    Vertical roll size: 1100/1000  650 mm
    Maximum rolling force: E1: 6000KN;   E2: 5000KN
    Maximum reduction: 50mm
    Rolling speed: E1: 0±2.2/5.1m/s;     E2: 0±2.8/6.4m/s

    Katalor 2250mm  Main equipment composition and process parameters - R1/R2

    The roughing mill consist of two high-rigidity, large-pressure reversible roughing mills R1 and R2. The rolling pass is flexible and can meet the varieties of rolling requirements

    Type: Four-roll reversible double-drive roughing mill
    Maximum rolling force: R1: 45000 KN;    R2: 50000 kN
    Roll speed: R1: 0-2.6/5.2 m/s;    R2: 0~3.927/6.5 m/s

    Katalor 2250mm Main equipment composition and process parameters - intermediate billet insulation cover

    R2 and the intermediate billet insulation cover, outer heating machine and heating measures can improve the uniformity of the lateral and longitudinal temperatures of the strip.

    Type: Hydraulic flip
    Insulation cover size: length: 72000 mm (16 segments × 4500mm / segment)
    Inner height: 210mm (the distance between the roller surface and the upper radiant panel)

    Katalor 2250mm Main equipment composition and process parameters - edge heater

    Width range: 800-2150mm
    Thickness range: 20-60mm
    Temperature range: 850-1150 degrees Celsius
    Heating capacity: 50 °C with 25 mm from the edge
    Slab bending degree: max. +140mm (upper);   -30mm maximum (lower)
    Center deviation: max. ±10mm

    Katalor 2250mm Main equipment composition and process parameters - cutting head shears

    In order to ensure the slab smoothly entry  finishing rolling, the head and tail defects of the slab will be cut off, and the cutting head flying shears are set in front of the finishing rolling mill. In order to reduce the cutting head and the length of the cutting tail and increase the rate of finished product , adopting the best cutting head  control system.

    Type: Crank-cutting shears
    Shear strength: 105N/mm2 (900°C, low carbon);      140 N/mm2 (900°C, X70)
    Shear force: 12000KN

    Katalor 2250mm Main equipment composition and process parameters - finishing and descaling box

    Before the slab enters the finish rolling, in order to ensure the surface quality of the product and prevent the intrusion of the secondary iron oxide scale, the finishing rolling descaling device is set up. The main equipment parameters are as follows:

    Type: Pinch roller high pressure water spray descaling box, the upper header height is hydraulically adjustable.
    Water spray pressure: 18~19 MPa (nozzle)
    Number of headers: 2 rows above and below 

    Katalor 2250mm Main equipment composition and process parameters-F1~F7 finishing mill

    Parameters: 7-stand four-roll strip continuous rolling mill
    Plate type control method: CVCPLUS+ work roll bending roll / roll
     CVC mill: F1-F7 is a CVC rolling mill.
    Work roll size: F1 ~ F4:  850 / 765 × 2550mm;    F5~F7: 700/630×2550mm
    Support roller size: F1~F7: 1600/1440×2250mm
    Maximum rolling force: F1~F4: 45000KN;    F5~F7: 40000KN
    Support roller bearing: oil film bearing
    Work roll roll travel: F1 ~ F7: ± 150mm
    Work roll bending force: F1 ~ F7: 1500KN / each bearing
    Features:The small vertical roller in front of the F1 finishing mill  adopts the full hydraulic pressure reduction and width automatic control system, which can improve and improve the quality of the strip edge and control the strip width accuracy.

    The F1~F7 frame is equipped with heavy duty work roll bending system and rolling mill configuration CVC+ shape control system, which can dynamically adjust the convexity and straightness of the strip, realize the closed-loop control of the plate shape and obtain a good shape.

    Each rolling mill is equipped with a long-stroke work roll to roll system for free rolling of strip steel.

    F1, F2, F3 outlets use hydraulic low inertia loopers, F4, F5, F6 outlets use DTL loopers, which is beneficial to accurately control the speed of the finishing mill and the tension of the strip.

    All use the full hydraulic reduction system and thickness automatic control (AGC) system. The system has high responsiveness, fast pressing speed and high setting precision, which ensures the control of the full-length thickness accuracy of the strip.

    The finishing mill adopts the rolling lubrication process technology, which can reduce the rolling pressure, reduce the roll wear, improve the service life of the roll, improve the surface condition of the roll and improve the surface quality of the strip.

    (The small vertical roller in front of the finishing mill F1 can improve and improve the quality of the strip edge and control the strip width accuracy. Finishing mills F1~F7, CVCPLUS+ work roll bending/rolling rolls are matched with the AGC system to achieve precise thickness tolerances.)

    Katalor 2250mm Main equipment composition and process parameters - laminar cooling device

    Adopting he high-efficiency laminar flow cooling device , and the upper header is hydraulically inverted. There are 22 sets of coarse water-conducting sections and 2 sets of fine-tuning sections in the upper and lower sections, and a total of 22 sets of water-spraying water beam sets (tilting group) can accurately control the curling temperature.

    Type: High-efficiency laminar flow cooling device, upper header hydraulic reversal
    Maximum water volume: 17360 m3/h
    Cooling width: 2200mm
     Cooling section length: 103360mm
    Number of cooling groups: 20 sets of coarse adjustment sections + 2 sets of fine adjustment sections, a total of 22 sets of water jet water beam sets (dumping group)
    Water pressure: 0.07MPa

    Katalor 2250mm Main equipment composition and process parameters-NO.1, No.2 and No.3 underground coilers

    Adopting a full hydraulic coiler, stepless expansion and retractable reel and high response automatic jump control (AJC) system to improve the coiling quality of the strip.

    Main equipment parameters:
    Type: Three-roller full hydraulic mobile coiler
    Coiling temperature: 500 ~ 850 ° C

     Katalor 2250mm Main equipment composition and process parameters - electronic control system

    HBIS 2250mm hot strip mill adopts the world's most advanced high-power electronic technology, three-level inverter, which combines the latest international transmission control technology: high-power device IEGT is applied to the main circuit, three-level main circuit topology, with high integration modular control structure design, three-level PWM pulse width modulation technology and PWM pulse control technology, vector control technology and other latest technology applications. TMEIC offers the world's most advanced AC main motor with compact design and high motor efficiency, which reduces the cost of production and increases production efficiency. 

    Producing and new product development condition ①

    On August 16, 2008,Katalor Hot Rolling Mill successfully tested the first coil, and the annual output reached to 103,000 tons. The annual output in 2009~2012 was 3.11 million tons, 4.81 million tons, 4.97 million tons and 5.18 million tons. . With the continuous improvement of production level, the variety structure has also undergone significant changes, the development speed of new varieties have been accelerating, and the proportion of high-grade steel have been increased》

    Katalor 2250mm Production and new product development ②

    At present, more than 130 steel grades have been developed, and tested O5 plates for many times. The surface quality of hot-rolled products has reached the requirements of cold-rolled "O5" board raw materials requirement. 

    Automobile steel is directly supplied to Great Wall Motor, Zhongxing Automobile, Dayun Automobile, Shandong Shifeng, Hebei Yujie, Jiangsu Changming, Changqing, Kawei, etc., with more than 20 grades.

    Automobile girders 420L, 440L, 510L, 610L, 700L and other brands have been successfully applied to well-known enterprises such as Great Wall Motor, China National Heavy Duty Truck, Xiamen Jinlong, Yutong Bus, Dongfeng Motor;

    Wheel steel series 330CL, 380CL, 400CL, 420CL and other products are widely used in the tubeless wheel manufacturing industry, and have been exported to South Korea, Europe, America, Africa, America and other countries and places.

    Katalor 2250mm Production and new product development ③

    The X80 and X70 high-grade pipeline steel series are successfully applied to the second-line project of PetroChina West-East Gas Pipeline. The low-grade pipeline steel series are successfully applied to the Shengli Oilfield Submarine Pipeline case, Algeria and Middle East pipeline project, and the oil casing steel steel J55  are also applied to different big project.

    A great success of trial production of X90, X100 high-strength pipeline steel  , making our company become one of the seven steel companies research key scientific projects of Sino-Petroleum high-strength pipeline steel .

    We can produce Shipboard A/B/D grade ordinary strength steel plate and AH32/36, DH32/36 high strength ship plate, and has passed the certification of nine national classification societies such as ABS, BV, GL, KR, LR and CCS.

    If you want to know more about our Katalor 2250mm producing line information,please contact us freely.It's great honor to discuss common producing possibility with you.

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