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    4300mm Mill Lines Brief Introduction

    This 4300mm production line produces high-quality products, such as pressure vessel steel, marine engineering steel, ship building steel, high strength steel, mould/die steel and other ultra-thick steel plates;

    2.Equipments-soaking pit, thick slab reheating furnace, high pressure descaler, roughing mill, finishing mill, DQ+ACC, hot leveler, walking beam cooling bed, on-line UT defect inspection device, crop shear, double side trimming shear, cut-to-length shear, cold leveler, flattening mill, shot-blaster, etc.;

    High efficiency KR iron pretreatment,Good quality molten ion of sulfur in 20 ppm below.
    Domestic advanced level of the combined-blowing system of 210t converter steel making system.
    The double location LF tefining has deep deoxidization, deep desulfurization, change the inclusion form, and other functions, [S] content up to 10 ppm below.
    Double vacuum chamber , the double location high efficiency RH refining
    Continuous bending. continuous straightening arc caster straight.
    Advanced double heat storage three sections of walking beam slab billet reheating furnace,
    Realize the real-time control temperature, even heating automatic control.

    MULPIC cooling system: the most advanced multifunctional cooling equipment have the cooling function with ACC/DQ/AQ+ ACC, can satisfy all sorts of cooling function of TMCP online que nching process requirements.
    Plate Marking Facilities:

    Cutting Facilities:

    3.Annual Production Capacity of steel plates is 2,650,000 tons.

    Heat treatment equipment equipped. Two sets of heat treatment line, a set of QT unit, a set of normalizing unit , can realize normalizing, quenching and tempering, low temperature And Nigh temperature tempering process, can meet heat treatment needs of various steel plate,such as boiler and pressure vessel steel, wear-resisting steel, ultra thickness structural steel, hull structure, corrosion resistant steel products.

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