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    5000mm production line

    Below it's the brief introduction of 5000 production line:

    The 5000mm heavy plate mill project is a modern heavy plate production line which has well equipment, compact process, completed technology and strong competitiveness in the world. It is offered and supported by SMS company, TMEIC compamy, ABB company, CERI company and Nanjin Steel Informationization company. The total length of 5000mm production line is 1193m and its total area is 170753㎡.

    Its general layout:

    Its technological process:

    Its capacity of 5000mm production line:

    It is designed for 1600000MT/a steels: genaral rolled plates 30%, about 480000 MT/a; TMPC plates 70%, about 112MT/a.





    Single Weight

    General Rolled Plates



    Max. 25000mm

    Max. 45MT

    Controlled Rolled Plates



    Max. 25000mm

    Max. 45MT

    Its main equipments:

    Its capacity of 5000mm production line:



    Raw Material & Heating Furnace

    Thickness: 150mm\180mm\220mm\260mm\320mm
    Width: 1800mm~2800mm(200mm)
    Length: 2500mm~4500mm
    Weight: max.30t
    Standard slab: 220mm×2400mm×3600mm
    Max. slab: 320mm×2800mm×4300mm

    Rough Dephosphorization

    Work stress 25MPa/30MPa
    High-pressure water dephosphorization tank with 2 set of headers
    Height-adjusted upper header depending on the thickness of the slab

    Four-high Mill

    Working Roll: Φ1,210/1,110×5,300mm(CVC+)
    Back-up Roll: Φ2,300/2,100×4,950mm
    Working Roll: Four-rowtaperTransversebearings & Two-rowaxialbearings
    Speed of Working Roll: Maxdiameterofrollers0±2.85/6.3m/s
    Openmouthofworkingroll: 550mm,relativetorollingline(+830);
    615mm,relativetoupperelevationofrollerway (+800)
    Normalpermittedrollforce(Max.): 120000kN
    Rigidityofroller: ≥9,500kN/mm

    multi-slab rolling

    water system


    CVC & bending roll

    Refine descaling & pre-straightening

    type: the lower header fixed, the upper header goes up and down with pinch roll
    thickness: 20 mm~250mm
    Water pressure of descale: 220 bar
    Speed of descale: max.2.5 m/s

    Quick cooling

    Length of device: 22000mm
    Thickness of cooled plates: (8)10mm~100mm
    Thickness of passed-through plates: max 400mm
    Width of cooled plates: 1800mm~4850mm
    Quantity of nozzles: 24 sets (4 sets of gap nozzles + 20 sets of high dense quick nozzles)
    Technical features of gas nozzles: side shelter,water-saving control, water crown degree control
    Technical features of high dense quick nozzles: side shelter, water crown degree control

    Surface detection

    thermal printing

    Grinder roll workshop

    Max. distance between rollshaft and grinding wheel spindle: 1700mm
    Route of grinding wheel: 940mm
    Available diameter: 1066mm
    Max.coping diameter of new grinding wheel: 1066mm
    Min.coping diameter of new grinding wheel: 454mm
    Min grinding size of Wearging(abandon) grinding wheel with D660mm: 850mm
    Max. center distrance: 12200mm
    Max. diameter of available convexity: +10mm
    Max. diameter of available concavity: -10mm


    Types: quadruple 9-roll full hydraulic warm straightener
    Size of Plates:Thickness:8mm~60(100)mm
    Width: max.4850mm
    Length: max.45000mm
    Yield strenght of plates(cold position): max.1000MPa
    Temperature of plates: max.700 C
    Straightening force: max.44000kN
    working roll of straightener: 9pcs(up 4 down 5)
    straighten speed: 0/1/2m/s
    roll gap control: hydraulic pressure(AGC), 4 hydraulic cylinder

    cold bed

    cold bed NO.1 & 2

    Position: at back of warm straightener
    usage: cool the plate and transfer the plates from entrance of cold bed to exit
    types:  walking beam
    width of cold bed: 45000mm
    length of cold bed: 46000mm(the distance between center lines of rolls at entrance and exit)
    feeding way: length≤22000mm,double feeding
    length>22000mm,single feeding

    cold bed NO.3

    position: at back of warm straightener
    usage: cool the plate and transfer the plates from entrance of cold bed to exit
    types: walking beams
    width of cold bed: 45000mm
    Length of cold bed: 72000mm(the distance between center lines of rolls at entrance and exit)
    feeding: length≤22000mm,double feeding
    length>22000mm,single feeding
    loading of bed surface:max.750t(double rows)

    marking machine of sample

    crop shear

    types: roll cutting type
    thickness: 8mm~50mm
    width: 1800mm~4850mm
    tensile strength of plates: 1200MPa(max.40mm)
    cut temperature: max.150 C
    cut force: 16000kN

    double-sided plate trimming shears

    types: three-axis three-eccentric roll-cutting double-sided trim
    fixed side: on the right side of plate moving direction
    tensile strength of plates: 1200MPa(max.40mm), 750MPa(max.50mm)
    cut temperature: max.150 C
    cut force: trim~6500kN, scrap cut~3000kN
    cut time: 16pc/min~30pc/min
    open degree of shear blade: max.100mm
    mobile cut adjusted route: 3500mm
    mobile cut adjusted speed: 100mm/s
    Min length adjusted auto cut: ~6000mm
    step lenght of cut: 1300mm(THK≤40mm),1050mm(THK>40mm)
    width of trimming: 20mm~150mm(thk>20mm, min trimming width is equal to thickness of plates.)
    trimming length:~1300mm max.2500mm(tail remaining)

    dividing shear

    types: rolling cut
    tensile strenght of plates: 1200MPa(max.40mm), 750MPa(max.50mm)
    cut temperature: max.150 C
    cut force: ~16000kN
    cut time: 24pcs/min(continuously)
    cut cycle: 4.5s
    feeding speed: max.2.0m/s
    opening degree of shear blade: ~255mm

    flame cutting machine

    environment temperature: Max.60℃
    cutting ways: Fully automatic CNC flame cutting (manual intervention)
    Cutting medium: propane gas and oxygen
    Cutting machine track length: 100m
    Cutting machine track span: 9000mm
    Effective cutting length of No.1 cutting machine:  28000mm
    Effective cutting length of No.2 cutting machine: 45000mm

    hot marking machine

    of top & lower
    surface printing
    technical prameters of side printing

    position: top surface and lower surface
    top surface: next to the right side of plates
    min distance to the front end of steel plates + stop error: 700 mm
    Min distance to the right + positioning error: 350 mm
    Direction: along the length of the steel plate
    position: on the right front side of plates
    Horizontal position: about 1500 mm from the front end of the steel plate + stop tolerance
    Vertical position: align to the top side of the steel plate
    Character direction: 0 or180°
    Number of lines: one line combined with alphanumeric characters and a set of barcodes

    non-destructive inspection machine

    detection specification: thickness: 8mm~120mm
    width: 1800mm~4850mm
    length: 4000mm~25000mm
    Max thickness of passing plate: 120mm
    detection temperature: ≤150 °C
    detection range: 100% surface of plates
    detection speed: Based on the following "detection sensitivity", the detection speed is 60m/min. If a larger defect is detected or the sheet is detected, the speed can be increased accordingly.
    detection sensitivity: 2 mm(100% detectable, <80mm), 3 mm(dynamic)
    defect evaluation area: min 7 mm2

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